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Price of Rice in China

Fears grow over rice supplies the FT Weekend reports on a front page story.

The price of rice has risen 50% in the past two weeks. Speculators and hoarding are fattening the pockets of profiteers and are heightening concerns about political instability and social unrest. Consider the implications of a rice starved Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar or dare we say China? What will be the political impact of an acute rice shortage in North Korea? How will this regime react if it feels it’s not getting sufficient attention and relief from the global community? Will it stoke up its atomic reactors and aim a nuclear missile at the worlds head to hold it hostage until it extorts its fair share from the worlds dwindling rice bowl?

This is a chilling threat to global stability and peace. We submit that the power elites of the new world order need to focus its talents and treasure to address this potential powder keg. As Americans, we would like to suggest to our President Mr. Bush that these types of problems and issues are more worthy of your attention then spending a considerable amount of political capital to maneuver ICBMs into former Warsaw Pact counties.

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