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At the Crossroads Obama Makes Faustian Bargain

I like Mr. Obama very much. I too have been smitten by his charismatic and intelligent appeal. I believe he is a man of honesty and integrity. I also believe he offers this country a clear alternative to correct its course. I believe he can answer the 3:00 AM telephone call and set it on a path that promotes peace and prosperity.

I understand the personal angst Mr. Obama and his family must feel by their separation from Rev. Wright. I visualize Mr. Obama pacing about his study conducting political calculations in his head. He weighs the liabilities and potential gains from a continued association with Reverend Wright. What will he say to his wife and children? What will he say to his fellow parishioners? What will he say to the membership of the NAACP who warmly welcomed Rev. Wright as a key note speaker for their Fight for Freedom Annual dinner? And finally after proofing out this tricky calculus equation how will he justify the break with his spiritual adviser to his constituents and supporters by explaining that their differences was a political deficiency that Mr. Obama could not continue to suffer.  Clearly a change needed to come.

The African American church in many respects has been a fountainhead of America’s social consciousness and Christian liberation theology since the time of legalized slavery in the United States. More recently, last century’s Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. discovered its political power, moral righteousness and theological justification in the back country pews of the African American Church.

Mr. Obama symbolically separated himself from the body of a church that has informed and shaped his political and social consciousness as a progressive politician. This move was borne from a political expediency to mute the rant of politicians that will use racial politics to advance their agenda to secure public office. This bargain carries a very high price. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?

We understand the political necessity of this move by Mr. Obama. The need to salve the fears of the racially suspicious polity is a political compromise that one is expected to make to build consensus in our democracy. Numerous examples of this compromise are evident in American political history. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Truman and JFK were all required to compromise egalitarian ideals to bridge the racial divide so as to effectively govern.

It is commonly understood that it is the way things are and its how the system works. That’s what makes Mr. Obama’s bargain so dangerous. Mr. Obama’s candidacy professes to be about a discontinuation of politics as usual. We expect something different from Mr. Obama.

Our times call for fearlessness not capitulation.

Yes a change is gonna come.

You Tube Video: Cream at the Fillmore West, Crossroads

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