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Managing SME Macro-Economic Risks

Macroeconomic risks are quickly becoming one of the greatest class of risk factors for small and mid-size businesses. Credit availability, customer buying power, inflation, cyclical and market sector risks are growing in significance and threaten the profitability and financial health of businesses. Unfortunately, some businesses will not be able to surmount the acute challenges posed by the economic risk factors and will not be able to continue as a going concern.

Sum2 offers small and mid-size businesses risk assessment tools to help better manage business threats and seize opportunities that fluctuating market conditions produce. A difficult economy presents challenges for all businesses. Executives that effectively engage to manage threats will profit from the opportunities severe market conditions produce.

Sum2 provides a free macroeconomic risk template to help small and mid-size businesses better manage these threats. The macro-economic risk template is one of twenty risk assessment modules offered in the Profit|Optimizer. The Profit|Optimizer empowers business owners and managers with tools to assess current business conditions, make adjustments and initiate actions to overcome difficulties and seize opportunities.

Click here for free macro-economic risk test.

Music: Bob Dylan, Everything is Broken

Risk: credit, inflation, market, buying power, customer risk, supply chain

September 30, 2008 - Posted by | economics, pop, risk management, Sum2

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