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Second Time the Charm for EESA

USS Constitution

EESA went to the house for a second time. It has passed and will now be signed into law. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act is loaded with earmarks and special provisions so that congressmen can go home to their districts and brag about bringing home the bacon. It is an unpopular bill. To quote W “I appreciate their leadership.”

I suspect that some congressmen may be dismayed that they received too little for their vote. I wonder what future generations will feel about the value they receive from the passage of this bill? In times of national crisis the price of a senators integrity rises or falls in proportion to its severity. Lets see how the USS EESA performs. Lets see if it raises the our nation from the depths of a looming recession.

We are in this thing together. Everyone has just been impressed as a crewmen on this national ark of economic salvation. I just hope no mutinies occur as we journey through rough seas that are sure to come.

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I hope that the big suspendered bankers aren’t snickering about the fast one they just pulled. I have visions of them snapping towels at each other in the locker room at some fancy country clubs after a day of hard golf. They’re joking about the fast one Paulson pulled over the country, pulling their cookies out of the fire and keeping the good times rolling.

I hope not. I pray for success, peace and prosperity for everyone.

God Speed.

Music Video: BB King, Bobby Blue Bland, Let The Good Times Roll

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