Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

401K Blues

I just received my 401K statement that I never moved from a former employers plan. I was shocked that it retained as much value as it did. It only went down by about 11%. Unfortunately the statement ending period was 9/31/08, just prior to the heavy market carnage that has occurred over the past few weeks.

I’m certain my 401K is continuing to take major hits. Next time I receive my IRA and 401K statement I’ll be horrified to learn that the date of my retirement just got pushed back in a major way and that my personal net worth in terms of financial assets has dwindled somewhat.

The fact that I am not alone in this financial system calamity doesn’t make it any easier. But I try to remember that this number is only a digital representation of my financial assets. I have to remember that my self worth can never be devalued because of my investment portfolio. I have to remember that I am a unique asset and that I can never put a price on my self worth and integrity.

I ask everyone to remember to always continue to invest in yourself by being of service to others and enlist your talents to serve causes greater then yourself. Remember to have faith and that we are all children of a God who loves us and will ultimately see to our needs.

Where your treasure is there you will find your heart.

Have a blessed weekend beloved.

Peace and prayers,


Music Video: Bertha Chippie Hill Weary Money Blues

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