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Rapping About a World at Risk

Honor the Vet

Today is Veterans Day.

Many men and women have made the supreme sacrifice in service to our great republic. Many have served in our Armed Forces and have paid a terrible price with their physical and emotional health. Veterans make up a disproportional percentage of our nations homeless population. Many are encumbered due to emotional illness, depression and substance abuse and unfortunately all too many choose to escape their demons by committing suicide.

Our country needs to pay more then lip service to our Veterans. We need to honor them by providing excellent health care and social services so they can reconstitute their lives and once more live amongst us as full and whole citizens with healthy bodies and sound minds.

We can honor the vet by giving them a job. Offer substance abuse programs. Build affordable housing. Provide health care and psychiatric services that offer the hope of healing broken hearts, bodies and spirits. Help the families of Vets so they may effectively cope with a loved one who has experienced the horrors of war only to return home as a radically different and deeply damaged person.  See our post on the Virginia Tech massacre.

We thank all Veterans for their service to our country.

Honor the Vet by pursuing peace.

Support our troops by bringing them home from Iraq.

You Tube Video: When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Risk: service to country, mental health, social safety net

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