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The Last Full Measure of Devotion

It is the 145th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The address is one of the seminal statements of a free people declaring an allegiance to a democratic republic and the price citizens must pay to sustain it.

There was a time when all school children were tasked with memorizing the address verbatim. The politically precocious would accept the assignment and use it as an opportunity to hone oratorical skills and show off their intelligence with great theatricality. Many would reluctantly accept the assignment thinking it important only slightly more then resenting the task. Some would refuse to see the point entirely remaining happily content in a feigned ignorance of the responsibility of citizens wholly ambivalent to the grace liberty confers on free people.

Gettysburg is the battlefield where our still young republic met its greatest challenge. The terrible contest of political will and military might placed our beloved republic in grave danger of extinction. Many rose to its defense by offering their last full measure of devotion.

This devotion is worthy of our continued attention. Today our republic is being tested once more and soon more will be asked of everyone to reaffirm their devotion through sacrifice, hard work, patience, service and treasure. Gone are the days where we can demonstrate our patriotism by going to the mall and running up our credit balances. These times all will be called and like the school children from a bygone era some will take up the task with enthusiasm some will grudgingly comply and others will feign ignorance.

As we continue to fight two wars while struggling to extricate ourselves from a growing recession all are needed to bind the wounds of our politically divided country.  All must step up and become engaged in some form to bear the burden of defending our freedoms by offering our allegiance, resolve and a will to sacrifice in service to our beloved republic.

Wiki Audio: Gettysburg Address

You Tube Music Video: Glory, Closing Scene

Risk: ambivalence, political apathy, constant vigilance

November 19, 2008 - Posted by | democracy, soundtrack

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