Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

The Reflection Pool

Yesterdays “We Are One” concert was a joy to watch. It was an event that sought to celebrate America’s rich political and cultural history. The exuberant crowd that gathered to celebrate the incoming Obama Administration reveled in the message of optimism and hope for a rebirth of an inclusive America. It was a celebration that could only occur in a country with a deep abiding commitment to democracy and the belief of a people who still believe in Americas promise and its highest ideals.

The celebrants stood near the monument honoring the “father of our country”; who led a band of revolutionaries to struggle in the cause of liberty thereby birthing the world’s first constitutional republic. The gathered stood facing the monument of ‘The Great Emancipator.” They stared into the eyes of our republics greatest sentinel that stood watch, guarding the door of liberty during its greatest time of peril preserving our more perfect union of free people who freely give their consent to be governed.

The people stomped, swayed and boogied to the music around the great malls reflection pool. Hopefully, some paused to take notice that the pool reflected an image of a great people, comprising a much greater nation. It is a nation only made whole and enriched by the wide diversity of its many parts, perplexing complexity and splendid contradictions. These are the universal characteristics that Americans share and it is how “out of many, becomes one.”

You Tube Video: Aaron Copland, Fanfare for the Common Man

Risk: democracy, a more perfect union

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