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Awkward Juxtapositions

Narcissus Falls in Love

Narcissus Falls in Love

We are committed to a blog entry every day. It’s a tough assignment trying to fit it in with everything else that is necessary to sustain our business and our lives but we think it important. Like Narcissus we too have fallen in love with our own reflections.

We do believe that consistency is its own reward and that the joy is truly in the journey. We are blessed to have come to the realization that the process of blogging helps us to understand and discover ourselves as much as it helps you understand and discover us. In this journey of discovery we hope we don’t scare you away.

That brings us back to the purpose of this blog, Risk Rap. Our goal to examine risk and its impact on our culture and lives presents a broad enough pallet that pretty much gives us carte blanche to opine on all matters concerning politics, economics, arts, religion and social issues.

The good news is that we can do whatever we want. The bad news is we can do whatever we want. Herein lays our risk tale for today. Before each entry I feel compelled to offer a warning to readers that this blog has a secret agenda. That agenda is to support the narrow commercial interests, marketing strategy and the facilitation of transactions in the products of our company, Sum2.

Yes there was a Sum1 (isn’t there always a someone?). So we must ask ourselves, what does the Pope, The Rice Crisis, the Iraq War, Hank Paulson and the banking crisis have to do with the promotion of our products and our new e-commerce platform?

Clearly these macro risk factors impact the broad commercial interests of our clients and our potential clients. But the interconnection of commerce, politics, culture and religion more often creates awkward juxtapositions that are alien to the common language of commercial promotion and product marketing. Sadly we are at risk of erecting barriers to our goal of effecting commercial transactions. This alone produces some interesting psycho graphic clues about the author of this blog. Perhaps we should offer a warning to ourselves.

We’ll continue to do the math and try to offer measured sober assessments of our world at risk and how we can offer solutions to temper the potentially negative aspects of risk while enhancing the positive results and benefits of taking calculated risks. That is what Risk Rap is all about.

We’ll remain hopeful that readers will recognize the role our products play in helping them assess risk in their world while we continue to assess and weigh the power of the pen with the restraint of the pen and tongue to support our narrow commercial interests.

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Risk: Personal, Commercial

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