Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

Day of Atonement

I being mortal atone for the sins

I have committed during the past year.

I became angry at people who did not agree with me.

I became resentful when things did not go my way.

I often turned my back on people in need.

I failed to forgive others.

I unmindfully wasted resources.

I tried to hurt people who hurt me.

I lacked a sober maturity in dealing with my volatile emotions.

I gave too much power to my biases and prejudices.

I was a poor steward in the trust that others gave to me.

I failed to recognize the divine in all my brothers and sisters.

I failed to quickly engage problems.

I lied.

I let fear control me.

I abandoned my faith.

I acted selfishly.

I failed to walk humbly.

I let pride control me.

I profaned God.

I worshiped war.

I encouraged discord.

I failed to trust.

I failed to love.

God forgive me.


Yom Kippur


Musical Video: Gustav Mahler’s 5th Symphony


September 27, 2009 - Posted by | classical, faith, holiday, psychology

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