Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

Prince of Peace

At last nights Peace Vigil outside of the Teaneck Armory, I am reminded of the grim number of those lost in the senseless war in Iraq has climbed to 4372.  This day it is particularly right and fitting that we remember them and those that loved them.  Family and friends of the fallen’s pain will be a bit more acute this time of year due to the absence of their beloved.  Our prayers and thoughts are with them.

On this night it is also right and fitting to remember the quarter of a million service men and women who continue to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These sentinels remain alert and vigilant on the cold windswept deserts of Asia tonight.   As they stand under star filled purple skies many will pray for their families and friends at home.  Those at home will recite the same prayers and thoughts that their beloved remain safe that they’ll make it through this night and the countless others they have yet to endure until the tide of peace is won.

On this night Christians celebrate the arrival of the Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Councilor whom God sent to redeem a broken world.  It is a divine wisdom,  a miraculous grace that we must heed in all earnestness.  Men and women of good will everywhere hear this call and bring it to all the small places that occupy their lives.   We welcome the Christ Child by keeping a lamp lit so all may find a place at the table of peace.

May the Lords Peace be with you always.


You Tube Music Video:  Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel

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