Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

The Longest Day

can’t make short work of the longest day

the long and the short of it

go long the market

cover your shorts buy the long bond

hedge your longs

trim the long hedge row

the long bomb may work

if you say Hail Mary long enough

the suns latitude is more longitude

the sun will set first on eastern Long Island

Vikings will build long houses

Indians row long boats and aim long bows

long tails will be lopped off

long johns will be washed

Long John Silver will walk the plank

pirates will take a long slake

long rifles will shoot

long legs will don boots

those not long for this world won’t give a hoot

Long Tall Sally will be snuck through the ally

the longer I stay I no longer feel welcome

long songs seem to never end

long speeches help me sleep

long talks are helpful

long walks are healthy

long goodbyes are tearful

long kisses are sweeter

long in the tooth is the price of age

thoughts of long ago are winsome

long sought after stuff is in the long draw

The longest day is here

there are none longer

and none shall ever be longer

so don’t long for love

just love a little longer

have a long present day

You Tube Video:

The Longest Day



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