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Guest Editorial: Jesse Holland US Senate Candidate from Nevada

Back in July Risk Rap posted a blog on Fundamentalist Politics in Nevada.  Jesse Holland an Independent US Senatorial Candidate responded to the blog post with an outline of his platform.  I then asked Mr. Holland a series of questions about his political platform and his responses are included in the thread of the blog comments.  Given the heightened national profile of the recent debate between Democratic incumbent Harry Reid and Tea Party backed GOP challenger Sharron Angle, and the exclusion of any participation by independent candidates I asked Mr. Holland if he would be interested in writing a guest blog post on the debate.  He agreed.

The exclusion of independent candidates from participation in debates and the denial of free and equal access to media helps prop up the two party system and its stranglehold on government administration and legislative institutions. The growing paralysis of government is due in part to the extreme partisanship practiced by the ruling Democratic and Republican Parties. This Risk Rap post by Mr. Holland is an attempt to redress independent candidates denial of access to media. More on Mr. Holland’s positions can be found on his website, Holland for Senate.

Risk Rap does not endorse or agree with Mr. Holland’s positions concerning the issues confronting America.  We do however, wholeheartedly endorse his right to speak  and his right to be heard.  Risk Rap welcomes Guest Editorialist, Mr. Jesse Holland, Independent Candidate for US Senate from the State of Nevada. The following is Mr. Holland’s response.

The debate was a comical skit about ‘he said and she said.’ It saddens me greatly that viable candidates are left without media support. The media is intentionally limiting our choices and silencing our voices. The media has chosen your options and we, the People, will be left without truthful representation if either party candidate wins. Can not people look behind the curtain and see it is all about money? Representation can not be offered by he/she who spends most. The track record is your proof. If signs, TV appearances and advertisements give truthful representation, then why are People unhappy? Why can not citizens step outside this foolishness?

It is hard for either chosen media candidate, to obliviously explain why their opinion is better then the will of the State and the citizens therein. That was the failure of this debate. The debate was a series of skirted responses that demonstrate the failure in our country. Honesty was absent in candidate responses and was swapped for absurdity and placating replies. Why?

The role of a Senator is to support the best interests of the State and the citizens therein. My interest as a candidate will not change after elected as Senator. It is heartbreaking and immoral to constantly watch elected representation miss-represent the people and the State of Nevada. I enjoy the freedoms our country provides as any other citizen. Our collective voice should be adequate to push our suggestions forward and enact laws in our government. Representation needs to be just that; representation, outside any influence or gain. I am running to give voters an honest and viable choice by offering my services as an independent candidate this November. I am running to give us, the people, a realistic meaning and cause.

Our government has been hijacked by a two party system. It is truly our government. Our government has robbed our future generations and replaced current funds with IOUs.

We must return the position of the United States Senator to that required by law. Above the personal opinions of any representative is the duty and obligation to represent the State of Nevada and the citizens therein. What happened to oaths? We have accepted a rogue system far too long. What an idea; a representative that actually represents.

We must strengthen and assert our legal necessity to follow and adhere to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Nevada. Stop allowing either party to tinker with our soundness as a nation.

I, Jesse Holland, am a conventional man who could no longer stand in the background and wait for a party to stand honestly for the people and the State of Nevada. Our Republic was designed to merge the will of the people with the will of the states. We, the people, through our representation, decide what legislation is valued and then move these proposals up the chain. I have always spent less than I earn. I do not receive union or out-of-state monies. I owe only the people my favor. I am Jesse Holland. I am the best candidate money can’t buy.

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