Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk


We are committed to meaningful, frequent and timely blog entries.  It’s a tough assignment trying to fit it in with everything else that is necessary to sustain our business and our lives but we think it important. Like Narcissus we too have fallen in love with our own reflections.

The purpose of this Risk Rap is to examine risk and its impact on our culture and lives.  This  presents a broad enough pallet that pretty much gives us carte blanche to opine on all matters concerning politics, economics, art, religion and social issues.

Without fear or favor we will try to offer measured sober assessments of  a world at risk and point to solutions to temper the potentially negative aspects of risk while enhancing the positive results and benefits of taking calculated risks.  That is our fondest hope and fervent wish.

Thanks for visiting.

You Tube Music Video: John Coltrane, Dear Lord

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  1. Your pathetic! How dare you lie about Michael Jackson as you did! Are you that desperate for attention? It’s too bad that your jealous ridden mind couldn’t have at least for the sake of your own credibility to the readers written a more factual article of him. I saw no mention of his generosity , his care for world, the fact that he was in the genius Book for donating the most to charities, the breakthroughs he made for all Black musicians today. He was no child molester. But see , you would need to do your homework to know that and have common sense. As you said With all his money? Well with all his money don’t you think he could have adopted some children from Ethopia that would not know that being molested is a crime and had a field day for himself??? He was proven innocent…and if you even so much as glanced through the trials you would see that it was a bogus attempt both times to get money from him. Even people that really didn’t care for his music or him agreed after reviewing them. As far as his skin bleaching you were very misleading also….He had a skin disorder that caused his skin to blotch with white patches . As it progressed they became larger and harder to conceal. So possibly he may have tried to lighten the rest to blend in. And as far as his nose…yes he did . but the reason was not as you would like people to believe. Since he was a child of 4 his ignorant father made fun of his nose….sooo …as a result he was always self conscious of it. I truly believe , although you said it as a joke towards him , that he is a very loved angel of God. He was a great musician, a wonderful father and a loving human being. He will be remembered for all time. As the world never forgets great people that affected their lives. As for you who wrote this…….when your time comes ….you’ll be forgotten and gone within a week. Think about it.. I’m shocked over your article. Very Upset.

    Comment by BARB | June 15, 2011

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