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Java Bean Jimmy

Black Coffee

Did you hear the one about a mysterious character named Java Bean Jimmy.

Rumor has it that he is a bag man for a sophisticated syndicate operating on the west coast. He purportedly grew up in Pavonia and each day makes his rounds throughout Hudson County. He extracts protection money from Starbucks coffee houses and is very active in Hoboken, Jersey City and Bayonne.

His trademark a wide brimmed Borsolino and felt lapel black trench coat. As he enters each stop the assistant manager drops everything. He pushes a button and the voice of Sinatra immediately begins to croon the stores mood music.

Then without uttering a single verb, the barista serves Java Bean Jimmy his favorite refresher. A double Ola latte espresso with an extra shot of Honduran fair trade bean. He takes his uber vente in hand while slipping the other into the tip jar pulling any paper currency and all coinage of greater denomination then two bits in a single swooshing motion.

He pours the money into an envelop and tucks it away in his breast coat pocket.

Java Bean Jimmy is known to board jets in Teterboro each Thursday. It is believed that it lands in an rural airstrip at an undisclosed location somewhere south of Seattle.

Risk: Reputation, Labor Relations

You Tube Video: Humble Pie, Black Coffee

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