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Gangsta Plax

Plaxico Burress is such a bad ass dude that he shot himself in the leg to prove it. Thats hard man, real hard. But I got to tell you, that if dynamite were brains ole Plax wouldn’t have enough to blow himself to Hell and his apparent lack of the gray matter may just have ended his days as a Giant and possibly destroyed his career in the NFL.

Lets back up a minute and try to decipher this story which is as instructive as it is tragic.

Plaxico Burress a very gifted and well paid professional athlete for the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants went to the Latin Quarter, a NY night club on the Friday after Thanksgiving. He was inside the club at 2:00 AM with teammates Antonio Pierce and Ahmad Bradshaw when an illegal hand gun Plax was carrying discharged wounding him in the thigh. Apparently Plax enlisted the help of his teammates, club personnel and the medical staff of the hospital where his wound was treated to cover up the incident to avoid criminal prosecution for carrying an unlicensed illegal hand gun.

Plax a married man in a club at 2:00 AM on the day before a big game with division rival Washington shows poor judgment. Plax said he was carrying a gun because he “wears lots of jewelry and carries lots of money” demonstrates idiocy. Apparently, if someone tries to bum rush Plax he’s fully prepared throw down for his trinkets by engaging in an all out gun battle to defend his street cred and protect his precious bling.

Pretty dumb. Here is a guy who just signed a contract extension at the beginning of the year that will earn him $35 million over the next six years. Evidently Plax was willing to risk his life, professional career and this substantial pay to protect his gold necklace, wristwatch and his fat billfold.

But it doesn’t stop there. Plax is also set on sacrificing the careers of the confederates who helped him cover up his folly. Does Plax care about the well being of his team and his teammates? Does Plax care about the doctor’s career who failed to report his gunshot wound to the police?

More importantly does Plax care or is he even aware of the role illegal hand guns play in the daily carnage of black on black violence that visit the inner cities of our nation almost every day? Will Antonio Pierce do the right thing and tell the truth about what happened? Will AP dare to break the street code of silence that abhors a snitch? I hope he does, not so much for himself but for all the inner city kids that desperately need an example of an upright man that does the right thing. AP needs to stand up, take responsibility for his actions and break the code of silence so that the truth may live. His correct example and proper response may save the life of the next unsuspecting innocent bystander that gets murdered by an errant bullet from a cheap handgun, shot by an idiotic knucklehead for an idiotic and terribly insignificant and misguided reason.

On Sunday I attended a Peace and Unity March in Newark NJ. It was sponsored by the city’s churches and community organizations. One of the themes of the march was to put an end to black on black crime by getting guns off the street. Guns on the streets of Newark take a terrible toll and horribly end the lives of way too many promising youths. Plax should know this and he should coach kids that packin heat don’t make you a man. Being responsible for ones actions and showing gratitude for your abundant gifts by sharing them with others is the real mark of a mature, sober and aware adult.

Plax your time is about up. You can be a really big man by taking responsibility for what you did and make yourself an example for the kids in Newark who desperately want the horror guns bring into their lives to stop. Stand up Plax. Take one for the kids. It may be the greatest catch you’ll ever make for yourself, a community and your battered integrity.

I’ll be praying for you Plax.

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Risk: guns, urban violence, black on black crime

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Reality Bites Back

If you build the foundation of your house on a pile of sand, when the water rises it will fall with a great crash.

Wendell Phillips reminds us that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” That vigilance demands that we examine the proclamations, actions and behaviors of the people running for office. As free people endowed with the grace of liberty we must hold up the proclamations and representations of people seeking office to the light of truth. Every free person must scrupulously examine the candidates and the evidence they offer so as to confer our vote to those who most closely represent the ideals and aspirations we desire for our community and country.

When a candidate comes before us claiming to be one of the common folk and bases a good measure of their candidacy on proclaiming their commonness to appeal to popular sentiment it is fitting if we examine their conduct and actions to see if their claims ring true when held up to the light of truth.

Sarah Palin, the self proclaimed hockey mom is not as common as she would like American’s to believe. Ms. Palin is a skilled politician who knows how to trade on her political currency to advance her career. Ms. Palin’s selection as McCain’s running mate was a cynical attempt by a stagnating campaign to enlist a willing media to derail the electorates attention from the substantive issues painfully confronting this country.

More has been written and debated about the sexism of people who raised questions about Ms. Palin’s qualifications then elucidating a coherent and complete response to those questions. My belief is that the Republican Party could have surfaced a more competent and capable candidate to assume a role that is one heart beat away from the presidency of the United States.

More has been made of Ms. Palin’s opponents elitism and urban chauvinism then a thorough examination of her insistence that real American’s reside on the Main Streets of small town America. My belief is that this is divisive. It does not build national unity and is harmful to a necessary national consensus that democracies require in order to function. Ms. Palin’s demonization of opponents does great harm to our republic.

More has been spoken about Ms. Palin’s claim to be a leading proponent of Maverickanism. Americans would be well served to examine her program to determine the extent of its divergence from the current administration. My belief is that Ms. Palin advances a program that remains subservient to the interests of large oil companies and big business and is fully wedded to the continuation of the policies of the current administration. Does the slogan “drill baby drill” sound familiar? This country has been rudderless and bereft of any effective leadership under two successive republican administrations. We need a break from SOP. We need a transformational president. (AKA A Real Maverick)

We must also ask, “when is a hockey mom not really a hockey mom?” Do all hockey mom’s spend $150K on clothes? This nation’s hockey moms are rarely seen in fancy leather jackets and very slick dress suits replete with fine complimentary accessories. Today, the majority of hockey moms are hoping they can afford the fees and expensive equipment that participation in hockey leagues requires. Hockey mom’s hope they have the extra dosh to fill up the tank to drive their worry and work weary self and child to make it to the rink for a 6:00AM Saturday morning ice time. Your Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue suits might just be enough to get you kicked out of Hockey Moms United USA. It certainly will get you a membership into the uber elite Waldorf Des Rothschild’s Social Club.

The other recent pillar of the McCain campaign has been the emergence of Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber is not a licensed plumber. Joe the Plumber is a laborer who is on the lam from the Arizona DMV for skipping out on a bunch of parking tickets. Joe the Plumber is not in any position to buy his bosses business and it appears that his hope to make a $250K salary remains a very long longshot. But incredibly enough John McCain holds this guy up as a poster child for unfair taxation. McCain’s argument is that sometime in the future if Joe the Plumber buys a business and makes $250K he’ll have to suffer a 3% increase in taxes.

McCain’s incredibly incomprehensible and disingenuous campaign is dangerously crowned by the destructive robocalls that shout Obama is a socialist, a supporter terrorists and is eager to fleece the middle class of America and give their money to the people who don’t make money. I don’t know from what planet McCain has just arrived from but if he’s spent any time recently with the middle class of America he would well know that 8 years of unbridled republicanism has already fleeced the treasure of the middle class and is now in possession of the monied interests that the republican party slavishly serve.

Most dangerous and cynical of all is a McCain campaign flyer put out by the RNC insinuating Mr. Obama’s terrorist ties. It shows an airplane and a picture of Obama ostensively guiding a crew of terrorists to fly into a building to continue the rein of terror and bring down Babylon America.

McCain has been flying this flag for months. I would ask McCain if he and his campaign have evidence concerning Mr. Obama’s support of terrorist activities to bring it to law enforcement officials so American citizens can be protected from the devises of this pernicious subversion. Thats what true patriots are called to do Mr. McCain. Mr. McCain’s fear mongering, character assassination and attempts to question people and groups love of country and patriotism is a sick pandemic that the real enemies of this republic encourage. And like the Hockey Mom Sarah Palin and Joe the Not Yet Plumber, Mr. Obama the terrorist is a well crafted fiction in the senile mind of sedentary campaign bordering on political dementia.

I welcome the conclusion to McCain’s ugly campaign. Built on sand, existing as a fictive sand castle in Mr. McCain’s mind it is hoped the election will wash away this nonsense in a tide of an affirmative mandate for real transformation.

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Risk: truth, voter distrust, political ambivalence’s, electoral alienation

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