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There have been a rash of movies and TV specials about vampires. True Blood and Twilight provide some interesting clues about the state of our culture and the values that we deeply revere but may be a bit reluctant to fully express due to fear and social ostracism. Ann Rice successfully exploited its as totem and taboo that allows deep desires to take flight in the fictive realm of art while for a chosen few the distinction between the fantasy and reality of vampirism is indistinguishable.

The seeming popularity of vampirism curiously arises as our culture and society enters a period of pain and duress. I believe it captures some salient emerging truths about our collective inner desires that become manifest as the true ethos of our time. What is it about vampires that so richly resonate in our culture? The promise of eternity, forbidden love, the need for a supernatural power that nurtures, unites and protects? This supernatural power of love or the popular term the law of attraction will provide everything to satiate our id in unity with an ego that projects sensuality, power, affluence, magnetism and eternal youthfulness. The need to project, connect and dominate is sexy and forever young. It is a vanity plain and simple that many believe can be purchased like some cheap elixir bought at the local mall. Unfortunately youth and times of plenty must come to an end. Like the current recession we thought the party would never end but like the maxed out credit cards that fill our empty wallets the bill eventually comes due and when the music stops we are left to pay the piper.

It is during these hard economic times that vampires become legion and roam the earth in droves. Witness Bernie Madoff; an example of vampirism in the extreme. He appears as a beneficent friend that seduces his mark with the power of money and status. Only to reveal that he is a blood sucking fiend with an insatiable thirst for his victims assets. Bernie thought he was entitled to drain his victims life savings to fund his lifestyle and feed his ego. It was how Bernie maintained his eternal youthfulness.

Like all great vampires Bernie tricked his victims by using their deepest desires to entrap them. The lure of power, prestige and fantastic riches made his marks willing victims. They freely offered their necks to Bernie, begging him to drink freely from their veins, making them complicit accomplices in their own victimization. Yes their deepest desires became their jailers and executioners. Their desires imprisoned them behind bars of their wildest fantasies. It was a self created hell that squandered their abundance and reduced them to a condition of existential deprivation and emotional bankruptcy.

Vampires are alive and well in America. They are becoming more pronounced as economic duress grows and peoples emotional and mental state increases in vulnerability. They say that garlic is a sure defense against the predation of a vampire. The most powerful garlic known to man is gratitude and a practice of richly sharing your abundance and gifts with those less fortunate then you. If you do this no vampire can ever harm you.

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