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Ramadan 2010


Tomorrow marks the beginning of Ramadan.  Ramadan is a holy month of observances for Muslims.  Ramadan encourages the faithful to fast, give alms to the poor, read selections of the Quran and recite prayers that bring Muslims into a deeper  faith engagement to draw closer to Allah.

This years Ramadan comes at a time when relations between Muslims and Christians are severely strained over issues such as The Ground Zero Mosque, continued war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Palestinian/Israeli politics and the challenges of assimilating Islamic practices into the cultural traditions of secular western societies.  The evidence of strain often manifests in ugly displays of intolerance and xenophobia that are exacerbated by economic duress and eagerly exploited by reactionary politicians.  Religious rightists seize on the opportunity to gnash away at the racial wounds and cultural divide to arouse suspicion to advance an intolerant Falangist agenda.

We hope that people of good will welcome Ramadan in a spirit of tolerance and recognize it as an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of Islam and to build bridges with the Muslim community.  Religious tolerance and the protection of the free practice of faith is a principal pillar of secular democracy.  The protection of this right is the surest safeguard that personal liberty and the free expression of thought remains central to the democratic culture of the United States.

We welcome Ramadan and offer a blessing to our Muslim brothers and sisters that they grow to understand the gift that secular democracies  confer on the free practice of religion.  And we hope people of faith and people of conscience recognize that Ramadan is an opportunity to bring all the great faith traditions together in a deep and rich engagement guided by the light and unifying love of the Beneficent One.


You Tube Video: Azan, Islamic Call To Prayer

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