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Il Duce’s Ghost

duceIl Duce’s ghost is restless. Summoned by the phantasmagorical fear of a people suffering from the multiple illnesses of a very sick nation, Il Duce’s ghost stalks the land. Raised from the grave by the craven babble of Talk Radio shills, pernicious corporate interests and a ruthless ruling oligarchy aided and abetted by complicit politicians bought on the cheap to act as their bagmen, Il Duce’s corpse twitters back to life.

As we count down to Harold Camping’s rapture date of 5/21/11, the frenetic fear of a collapsing world increasingly terrifies the masses. Religious fundamentalists of all stripes cry that modernity’s embrace of science and a culture of relativism is an abomination to the sight of God. The “Children of God” pine away about the erosion of the old values of the Old Time Religions; while the “Children of Enlightenment” fear that reason is quickly disappearing into a broken Hadron supercollider’s black hole of ignorance. One side is busy arming themselves in preparation for the coming battle of Armageddon while the other side lays up assets in their bank accounts to ride out the coming Day of Judgment. Il Duce is truly one of God’s favored. Anointed by fundamentalist TV preachers, he honors their creed and receives funding by Bible thumping wealth gospel believing businessmen because he promises to protects their God given fatted coffers. Only Il Duce can bring both sides together to sing praises in a divinely inspired choir.

The Federal Treasury paid a rich ransom to bankers to free our imaginations from the dread of the collapse of free market capitalism. Lately we hear murmurs that the nuke button still remains painfully close to the twitching fingers of fidgeting bankers. They threaten to shut down our tired and poor ATM networks and revoke our credit limits yearning for more debt. A strong dose of TARP II is the only known medicinal cure. Frenzied Tea Baggers scream their anger at a government intent on taxing the life blood out of its citizens so fat cat bankers can cash stupid money bonus checks. This insures that the syncopated beats of our capitalist heart continues to rock on. Il Duce is a skilled and gifted physician. He knows how to conduct the delicate procedures necessary to prevent coronary arrest. Il Duce alone knows the recipe to concoct a special brew of herbal teas. Its a powerful elixir that alleviates the caffeine induced head aches of Tea Bagger’s while keeping the circulation of our cholesterol challenged free markets flowing.

At town meetings, people in junk food fueled schizophrenic rants rave at impotent senators going through the motions of participatory democracy. The constituents insistent diatribes profess a love of country while they eagerly profane and condemn its democratic institutions. They say they are concerned about all the money being spent by the Feds. As deficit spending spirals into the trillions they shout “Who will pay for this?” and “Its unconscionable to saddle my kids and my grandchildren with this burden.” Perhaps. But we should also ask what are we doing to increase peace in a world rife with conflicts. Its just as unfair to ask our grandchildren to fight wars for which they had no grievance. Its also equally unjust to ask them to breathe air we polluted with chemicals or to drink water we spat in. I believe it is just to ask them to pay for our country’s infrastructure that all future generations will benefit from. They’ll need roads, water, hospitals and schools. I still cross bridges and traverse high ways and attend schools that were built by earlier generations. I drink water from aquifers and water systems that were built 100 years ago. New Yorkers ride in subways that were built by our great great grand parents.

Birthers are eager to de-legitimize the institutions of a democratic republic. They scream at congressmen that their actions are UnAmerican. They advise their representatives that they should read the constitution. Undoubtedly the culture of corruption consuming our politicians is a systemic disease badly in need of eradication. But emotional outbursts of Birthers shouting down representatives as they wave facsimiles of birth certificates, crying out “I want my country back” weakens the legitimacy of our government. The vehemence seems driven more by the fear of a person of color as president and the cultural transformation radically altering the ethnic landscape of America. Il Duce understands this anguish. It grieves him to see real Americans in such pain. He knows an ethnicity other then his own is unworthy to hold supreme office. The image of Il Duce is a venerated prism that must reflect the complexion of true Americans.

Federalism is not based on a two party system. It is based on a constitution complete with a Bill of Rights. It includes three independent branches of government that serve to check and balance the power of each branch. It is a system in dire need of reform but it has through our country’s history demonstrated its resilience and value as the best model to assure the semblance of a participatory democracy. It is the worthy expression of a free democratic peoples and it is certainly worthy of preservation. Federalism is not the problem. The problem lies in a compromised political process that elects entrapped representatives to office. Il Duce prefers obfuscation. Tyrants need to hold all the cards of power to smooth over the messy and uncomfortable edges of democratic republics. Its better and more expedient for a benevolent philosopher King to make the hard decisions that need to made.

The wisdom of Il Duce would be immediately put to use to make the hard choices to solve the health care problem vexing our country. The debate has stoked the howling yodelers of Talk Radio to turn up the volume of their vitriol. They have energized a nation of Valium saturated minds. They have woken millions from the torpor of ambivalence induced by the pharmaceutical industrial complex. This industry suspected of playing a role in the pharmacide of such cultural icons like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson buys spots that run in continuous loop on the grim reality TV shows. The ads hammer home the lesson that instant relief from the nausea of daily life is just a shot away. Mothers little helper dispensed en masse is as close and quick as the drive-in window at Walmart.  All for a small deductible of $5.00.

There is something in the water. America’s rivers are polluted with bio active elements people discharge from their bodies due to the use of products from the pharmaceutical industrial complex. It pollutes our aquifers. Il Duce takes a long cool drink, as he marvels at the wonder of our industry and invites more to freely imbibe.

The twittering nonsense and bold Facebook lies Sarahcuda’s minions are willing to swallow so as not to be out of goose stepping rhythm with other Dittoheads clearly comforts Il Duce. The Confederacy is rising again. This confederacy transcends the easy boundaries of geographic definition. This confederacy consists of state militiamen, libertarians and ad hoc communities springing up and thriving along the fracture lines of the urban and rural divide. They are seeking an ideology that is palatable enough to coexist with armed militias, Tea Baggers, Christian Falangists, nationalists and other malcontents. Throw in an assortment of skinheads, Nazis, White Supremacists and other national socialists and you have the semblance of a profile of the new confederacy for a new millennium. They worship force and the right of the stronger, believing that militarism is the supreme arbiter of all things. They are eager to project that power.

Il Duce’s ghost is awake and walking across the land like Goya’s Colossus. Summoned by the sycophants of right wing Talk Radio, encouraged by the Bush administrations use of the constitution as toilet paper, risen by the growing militarism and nationalist sentiment and fed by the militant anger of a people that can no longer suffer the abuse of power by the ruling oligarchs, Il Duce’s ghost has awakened, complete with freshly pressed Blackshirt.   It is ever listening, waiting for the right moment to fully materialize amidst the savagery of a savage nation.

You Tube Video: Benito Mussolini

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God Damn America Redux

Liberty Leading the People

The great ubur Patriot and obviously Non-Country Firster Rush Limbaugh damned America by proclaiming his hopes that the Obama Administration fails in its mission to resuscitate the economic fortunes of the nation. Rush in a rare moment of truthfulness and sober clarity, bravely waved the Republican Party banner. He implored all GOPers that this is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party and work against the recovery program of the ideologically impure and reprobate Obama Administration.

Ann Coulter, pictured here in top hat immediately took up the call and is looking to skewer any traitorous democrats that cross her path next time she is granted an interview at MSNBC. Rush, pictured above in the yellow dress is desperately in need of a man bra if he hopes to be able to physically storm the battlements of his entrenched enemies within the enclosed marble walls of the Capitol building.

When asked about this, Rush, in a pure profiles in courage moment stated, “damn the man titties, this struggle is even bigger then my ego. We must not allow Obama to succeed or I may lose some rating points.”

When asked about the sky rocketing unemployment, home foreclosures and growing social unrest Rush said, “It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am proven to be right by keeping America on the right course of right wing conservatism. Right? Isn’t that what the EIB is all about. Right? Sarah Palin was right. You Betcha.” At this point Rush began to slur his words and the rest of the conversation was unintelligible.

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You Tube Video: La Marseillaise

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Winning the War, Losing the Peace

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
Jeremiah 17:9

The head of the not at all EIB Network and chief reactionary shill Rush Limbaugh raised his hands to his mouth to shout that General Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama was due to race. As in General Powell’s decision to endorse Mr. Obama was purely due to the fact that they shared an African American lineage.

This is not acceptable. Nor can the excuse be made that it is getting late in the game and you have to pull out all stops to win the election. There is no defense for this blatant racism. It cannot be dismissed as an example of rising electoral rhetoric sprouted in the heat of a close campaign. That includes the self anointed Dittohead and Chief as well.

I would like to remind all Republican’s, conservatives and supporters of this racist tripe that the manner in which you conduct the war will determine the quality of peace that is won after the conflict ends. The Bloviator and Chief of the EIB Dittoheads is only too content to rip open and gnash away at this country’s racial wound that never seems to completely heal. The Bloviator and Chief sees it as a great opportunity to proclaim his self constructed version of reality. Incredibly enough this ugly man wears his racist proclamation like a conservative medal of honor. In the Bloviator and Chief’s fictive mind it’s real conservative street cred worn only by real American Patriots. This ugly man who proudly wears his racism on his puffed up chest believes himself to be a true profile in courage. Daring to speak the truth, the all knowing and seeing Bloviator and Chief knows what motivates and lurks in the mind of General Powell. I would love to see the Bloviator and Chief stand next to General Powell. The Bloviator and Chief’s imaginary medals of conservative honor and his titanic ego would immediately be rightsized in the presence of General Powell’s real humility, courage and life of service to our country.

The Bloviator and Chief’s racism states that African American’s do not have the capability to make a decision based on a rational and objective examination of the facts. It would seem that in the Bloviator and Chief’s conservative cosmology, people of color are incapable of observing a candidate and evaluating their programs and their vision for America. More disturbing is the Bloviator and Chief’s inability to conceive that people of color have a set of values to make electoral decisions. Its a difficult truth the Bloviator and Chief can’t understand. Thankfully all people are not Dittoheads, some people use their own mind to evaluate and make informed political decisions. The Bloviator and Chief finds it hard to believe and can’t understand that all people don’t share his world view. After all how many people make $25 mm a year to sprout propaganda and condemn people who don’t agree with you? How many people get to make a living by proclaiming their uber patriotism and love for our democratic republic yet take every opportunity to undermine and subvert our need to engage in a nonpartisan conversation to protect a crumbling consensus?

That brings us to Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who claims she was tricked by the fast talking liberal media mongrel Chris Matthews into calling for an investigation into members of congress to determine if they truly love America.

I can only imagine what the line of questions would consist of to make this assessment. Would you ask members how often they polish their American Flag lapel pin? Would you ask if they get goose bumps every time the National Anthem is played before watching a Timberwolves basketball game on TV? Would you ask if they unknowingly associated with people with funny sounding names like Muhammad or Hussein? Or have they ever read the Quran?

If they failed the test do we send these Anti-Americans to reeducation camps? Perhaps we should lock them away in some offshore gulag to spend the rest of their unrepentant Un-American lives rotting away under the supervision of torturous jailers? Will this satiate Ms. Bachmann’s thirst for failing a patriotic litmus test?

America went through this ugly episode with uber patriot tail-gunner Joe McCarthy. Thank God the liberal media hero Edward R. Murrow brought the light of much needed transparency on McCarthyism and its threat to democracy and democratic ideals. Unfortunately the world is just as dangerous today as it was at the dawn of the Cold War. America’s best defense against our enemies is a strong participatory democracy. A national consensus is an absolute necessity as our country takes its next step in this dangerous world.

This extraordinary election has surfaced the best and worst aspects of a democracy. The demonization of constituent groups and people based on their ideas, race, location and desires does a disservice to our country and is our enemies greatest weapon in undermining our democratic republic.

Our greatest President Abraham Lincoln quoting the bible stated that a house divided cannot stand. Creating division and fanning animosity may win the election but will not insure a lasting peace and a common path for this country to tread.

Music Video: Battle Hymn of the Republic

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