Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk


eggs stand on edge balanced perfectly
night embraces day in leveled equanimity
spirit and flesh dance on in serenity
equinox again returns eternally

You Tube Video: John Coltrane,  Equinox

Risk: seasons

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Equinox Philosophizing

Today marks the autumnal equinox.

The day is as long as the night. The cosmic scales are perfectly balanced. The yin is a sweet muse to the yang. I like to think that everyone’s got an equal shot. All people are equally loved by God. Women should have equal rights. Grace is offered evenly to all that can perceive the miracles of the day. The chance of success has improved to equal money. The glass is just as full as it is empty but the main point is that there still plenty to drink because our blessings truly runneth over.

Don’t get even, look to straighten things out. Its the Equinox.

On the 23rd it will John Coltrane’s birthday. Reason alone to celebrate.

That is enough.

Music: John Coltrane Equinox

Risk: Support 50 50 fund raisers.

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