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Blame it on the Muskrat Ramble

CNN was showing dramatic footage of another levee failure along the Mississippi River. The town of Winfield Missouri lost its battle to keep its town flood free due to the subversive activity of muskrats.

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, the pesky muskrats used a burrow and bore strategy to undermine the structural integrity of the levees protecting the town. The muskrats dug deep holes into the levees in search of food and safety that ultimately defeated the heroic actions and laborious efforts of townsfolk desperately fighting to defend their community from the ravages of the flood.

It appears that the muskrats used a maneuver that was similar to the unsuccessful strategy employed by the Union Army in the Siege of Petersburg’s Battle of the Crater. Unfortunately the muskrat’s natural burrowing instincts got the upper hand on the best efforts of human engineers.

When the muskrat’s holes appeared, citizens covered them with sandbags but it only seemed to postpone the inevitable and unfortunate breach of the town’s defenses. The levee failure flooded approximately 1,000 acres of land in this community of 720.

The rascally rodent may have won the battle of Winfield Levee; but this skirmish will serve as a reminder that our country needs to marshal its forces and make substantial investments in national infrastructure. This is a war we cannot afford to lose. We must redirect our national priorities to defend and protect our beloved country.

The Captain and Tennille know something about muskrats.

So too does the great Louis Armstrong.

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