Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

Dreaming of Jackson Pollack

Morning Haiku: an exploding bud / heralds the arrival of / a seasons color








You Tube Video: Max Roach Clifford Brown Quintet: Joy Spring

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Is Jazz a Religion?

Duke said,

“People pray in many different languages
and God hears them all.”

I’m equally a Jew and Muslim,

both living in perfect peace within me.

I’m a little bit Baptist and a little bit Episcopal.

I yearn to swim in the living waters,

and hunger for the cup and bread.

I’m more of a Quaker then a Buddhist.

Only because I’m American and I can’t speak good Chinese yet.

But Buddha’s Lamp is my constant companion,

illumining my every step in this dark world.

I’m also equally composed of east and west Indies
and sometimes even druid.

The Great Spirit and Tantric arts

remain mysteries to me.

I only know them by feeling.

And yes our Afro Heritage.

The drums, the whistle, the dance,

synchronizes our heart beat

to The Beneficent One’s finger taps.

Yes we celebrate The Holy Spirit

with cymbal, voice and drum.

I am a full dues paying member
to the 2nd Hoboken Chapter
of the Unitarian Universal Catholic Church Respectively.

We meet down the block from Sinatra’s Synagogue.

We are all apostles and responsible

for our small spaces that we rent here on earth.

I know I’m 100% Zoroastrian.

I am mesmerized by the fire.

My heart aches for the light.

I tend tiny candles

and listen for the lonely fire

of Coltrane’s sax.

I’m a nun and
a Thelonious Monk.

We run an inn for weary and lost travelers.

We build hospitals to cure the infirm;

and schools to teach the golden rule of love.

We try to do things differently.

Dizzy practiced the Behai faith.


You Tube Video:

Dizzy Gillespie,

Swing Low Sweet Cadillac




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Dreaming of Electric Jazz

The weather report called for a mix of sun and clouds.

The forecast read, partly sunny, partly cloudy, rain would change to sleet and snow. The temperature would rise to just below zero; a new all time high, as I lay sleeping, dreaming of electric jazz.

A purest said, “that ain’t jazz” as I wrestled him for the last copy of “Get Up With It” in a dilapidated record store. (This is the same guy from my baseball dreams. He hates the designated hitter.)

“This fusion is just the bastard child of rock & roll; a mere reaction to heavy electric guitars and synthetic synthesizers,” he shouts as I rip the record from his hands.

“This synthesis is more then just three cords strummed in a Capitol Records executives head,” I said. “This bitches brew, will return forever as long as I sing the body electric.”

I rolled over and pulled the blankets up to my ears as the clock radio played Miles’ Red China Blues.


You Tube Video: Miles Davis, Electric Miles

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Little Jazz

Little Jazz on my birthday
KCR special every year
Schaap lays down the JAPT grooves
All the tracks of this Steeltown cat
A perennial birthday bash
Takes me Uptown
With Roy and Anita
Strolling arm and arm
Singing bout a city
Checkin out the sights
Knockin me a kiss
On the fat lobe lips
Of my eager ear
Ole Little Jazz
Hittin the high note
Blowin somethin cool
He played with all the great cats
Hell he’s one himself
Lion of the bandstand
You can hear a tiger growl
When he blows that horn
Or hear a prissy pussy purr
Fine and mellow on a bouncy ballad
Or a lonely tomcat moanin the blues
As he swings down some dark alley in Chicago
Yea, he’s one cool cat this Eldridge dude
One cool Little Jazz cat


You Tube Video: Roy Eldridge, Sunday

Risk: creativity

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Out To Lunch

Freddie Hubbard

Dolphins are dancing in heaven. Jazz great Freddie Hubbard has crossed over. He takes a seat in the trumpet section of Gabriel’s Eternally Yours Celestial All Star Jazz Band. Freddie Hubbard made enormous contributions to the art form. He played with many of the innovators of Jazz like Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Art Blakey, Ornette Coleman and many many others.

He will be greatly missed but his beautiful art will live forever.

God Speed Mr. Hubbard.

You Tube Video: Out To Lunch: Hat and Beard

Risk: art, avant-garde

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Thelonious Sphere Monk

10/10/17 – 3/17/82

Jazz Innovator

Unique Being

Creative Genius

“The piano don’t play no wrong notes.”

Monk Music

Clint Eastwood Video Star!

May peace be upon him.

Music Video: Blue Monk

Brilliant Corners Bout Midnight

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A Love Supreme

John Coltrane



I want to put on Coltrane
and experience the verbs
of a sweet bastardization
oh kind whippoorwill
sing to me

Jazz Great

Creative Genius

Man of God

May Peace Be Upon Him

Music: NAIMA

Risk: Creativity

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Equinox Philosophizing

Today marks the autumnal equinox.

The day is as long as the night. The cosmic scales are perfectly balanced. The yin is a sweet muse to the yang. I like to think that everyone’s got an equal shot. All people are equally loved by God. Women should have equal rights. Grace is offered evenly to all that can perceive the miracles of the day. The chance of success has improved to equal money. The glass is just as full as it is empty but the main point is that there still plenty to drink because our blessings truly runneth over.

Don’t get even, look to straighten things out. Its the Equinox.

On the 23rd it will John Coltrane’s birthday. Reason alone to celebrate.

That is enough.

Music: John Coltrane Equinox

Risk: Support 50 50 fund raisers.

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