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Operation Bristol Sashays On

Bristol Palin is tap dancing her way into the hearts of Americans.  The Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) gamboling Gidget seems poised to surpass the celebrity status of her political superstar Momma Grizzly in Chief  Sarah.  Despite consistently low scores Bristol and her dance card partner Mark Ballas tip toe over the competition each week due to the outpouring of support from devoted fans of Sarah’s sashaying youngster.

Last night to the chagrin of discerning DWTS affectionados, Bristol and her partner dispatched the elegant and clearly more talented Brandy and Maxwell to the loser circle.  DWTS judges awarded Brandy and Maxwell higher scores then Bristol and Mark.  In response to this misjudgment of the liberal mainstream media machine, Palin’s peeps overloaded the telephone banks and text message tally boards with a landslide of support for Bristol’s bouncy ballet.  The will of the electorate would not be denied.  The voice of the people will be heard and heeded.

The well oiled machinery of the Tea Party is suspected of  stuffing the ballot box to aid Bristol, Sarah and ultimately country through the precise execution of Operation Bristol.

Operation Bristol is an example of the dangers of plebiscites and a good lesson about  the perversion of the democratic process and the illusion of democracy.   Tea Party zealots text their DWTS votes along party lines failing to consider the dexterity, skill and artful presentations of  the other contestants.  The pernicious political pursuit of Operation Bristol undermines the honest contemplation of aestheticism and defiles the artistic purpose of art to exclusively serve the bombast of politics.  It is the hallmark of fascist culture that dresses up the banality of pedestrian art in service the higher ideals of idealogical purpose.  Not that I consider  DWTS even remotely connected to art.  But you just gotta love those freedom loving, liberty for all Tea Baggers selling out their DWTS vote for a bit of political satisfaction.  Operation Bristol is good practice for 2012.  Yeah I know all about Woody Guthrie’s “This Machine Kills Fascists” slogan on his worn guitar.   So in the interest of balance and in service to transparency Bristol should consider a “This Machine Kills Democracy” tattoo across her provocative thighs.

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Poor Sarah’s Almanac

I was one of the 5 million viewers that caught Sarah Palin’s Alaska Reality TV show last night.  As one would expect,  Alaska  effectively mixed a number of conservative informed Sarahisms with a scripted version of her common man family life.   If you consider common having airplanes pull up to your dock to fly you off to Denali for a day, or a luxury RV trucking you around the Alaskan Outback or having a TV studio room in your home so husband Todd can video you for this afternoons Fox News segment, Sarah is pretty much like the rest of us.

As America’s foremost conservative political celebrity,  Alaska keeps the myth of Sarah alive and well.  America’s impish sweetheart, Sarah is the adoring girl next door who might become president.  Alaska will showcase Sarah in a most positive light to reinforce her connection with the millions of hockey moms and Joe the wannabe plumbers who can’t get enough of the Momma Grizzly in Chief.   The segment I watched followed Sarah and family through a typical week of quality family time and the demanding work political celebrity requires.  Last nights segment showed Sarah and Todd scaling Denali, navigating cravasse laden glaciers, baking cookies, RVing around with the extended family (while  ignoring each other as they texted on Blackberries) fishing for sockeye and watching momma grizzles (brown bears actually) defend their young.  Alaska combines image interlaced with conservative messaging that is produced to give Sarah’s countrymen reason to pause to consider what her role will be in America’s most compelling tale of  political theater.

I’m will attempt to record some of Sarah’s comments from the show that capture the spirit and thoughts of this great political thespian.

The following Sarahisms were spoken last night:

On a journalist who rented a house next door to write an unflattering book about Sarah.

“He spies on us.  So Todd built this fence to block his view.  See how easy it is to keep the undesirables out.” If only Sarah were governor of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California.  Maybe we can make her Viceroy of Southern Territories, Prefect for The Gadsden Purchase.

Returning from a day of flying over Denali with family, disembarking plane and going into the house.

Said Sarah to her youngest daughter, “See the nosy journalist neighbor trying to get a good look at us.  He was stuck in his house all day while we were out having fun.” Girls just wanna have fun.

On a gate that blocks access to upstairs rooms for baby Tripp.

“See this gate, it keeps boys out of upstairs bedrooms.” Kinda like closing the barn door after the horse got out?

On watching a mother brown bear chase off another brown bear getting too close to her young cubs.

See how the momma grizzly protects the future of the species.” If only the oil companies would be so concerned.

On Todd landing a sockeye during their fishing expedition.

“Thats the way it should be.  A man brings home the bacon to his family.” Whats TLC,  Fox and Sarah’s PAC get paid with, chopped liver?

On Todd when he was video taping Sarah for a Fox News segment.

“Todd don’t speak much.  He’s a man of few words but when he speaks he really got something to say.  His  words carry  real weight. Still waters run deep.” So the First Iron Doggin Dude can actually speak!  No Comment.

When Sarah was rock climbing, her progress was momentarily halted.

“I got to keep going.  Nobody is going to rescue me.” At least she was attached to a safety rope.  Thats more protection offered the millions of people falling through the cracks of America everyday.

Can’t wait till next week.

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