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The Decider Says Adios to Press

“The American country’s greatest presidential misspeaker and grammatically challenged gaff and guffaw prone talker had his last talk about himself ahhh as he was to leave ahhh the Office of the President held his last press conference today.”

I have used a filter on Bush press conferences for at least the last three years. At one point I couldn’t even look at him outside of Jon Stewart’s’ Daily Show. So it was unusual that I watched a bit of his news conference today. Bush’s well documented gaffs, incorrect grammar, incomplete thoughts and dangling participles would make his high school English teacher ashamed and Slip Mahoney and the Bowery Boys proud. From what I heard during today’s press conference, Bush was fluid, he made no grammatical errors when speaking, he seemed to complete most of his sentences and thoughts and he played with the press in his dead pan style. He was quintessentially glibly Bush.

Bush did speak boldly about the trap of the psychology of victimization and how he abhors it. I liked what he said. Unfortunately his point was at odds with the last seven years of his presidency as he and his Republican Party propagandists used every opportunity to use the fear of being victimized by terrorism to justify their every move.

Bush also stood firm in his assertion that history will absolve him. The unpopular president is confident that history will look kindly on his war in Iraq, his support of torture, his curbing of civil liberties, and other policy and program errors Bush resolutely denies to accept responsibility for.

I won’t get into any comedic riffs over Bush’s speech patterns. I’ll leave that to Stewart; but I did feel strangely nostalgic concerning his exit from office. Perhaps I’m concerned about the loss of the great material he nightly provides Olbermann and Stewart. Maybe its the fact that I’m 8 years older from the day this presidential disaster took office. I have to be content in the knowledge that he and his failed policies are vacating the White House. Less comedic material is indeed a minuscule price to pay for that relief.

We’ll do a more detailed exposition on Bush’s presidency in future posts.

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