Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

Opportunity Lost

What in me is dark Illumine,
what is low raise and support,

That to the height of this great argument

I may assert eternal Providence,

And justify the ways of God to men.

John Milton

Paradise Lost. Book i. Line 22.

Pope Benedicts XVI visit to America is a study in opportunity cost. When the bombs began falling in Baghdad the then Cardinal Ratzinger reportedly shook his arms in disapproval of the war and shouted “Basta! Basta!” which translated from Italian means “Enough! Enough!”

We have great respect for the Catholic Church and its consistent stand in support of life. The Catholic Church’s opposition to the war, its advocacy to repeal the death penalty, its teaching of compassion for immigrants and its uncompromising position in the right to life movement is an affirmation of its belief in the sacredness and sanctity of life.

The Catholic Church’s institutional failure to expose the darkness of rampant sexual abuse of its parishioners and its unwillingness to bring the light of civil justice to prosecute these serious trespasses and its long standing and wide spread practice of protecting sexual predators masquerading as priests has seriously eroded its ethical, moral and spiritual authority. It raises serious questions about institutional complicity and the evident need for reformation and change.

Many believe that as long as the Catholic Church continues its requirement of a chaste male clergy, the marginalization of women, its attitude toward sexuality and the sinful nature of homosexuality precludes any possibility of institutional change. So it is with sadness that we witness a leader of an institution with diminished moral authority has lost the opportunity to convey the will of Providence and justify the ways of God to men.

Pope Benedict could have brought some much needed light to the world by uttering 4 simple words, “Basta Senor Bush! Basta!” God commands us to beat our swords into ploughshares and that the blessed are the peacemakers and they shall be called the sons of God.

“Basta Senor Bush! Basta!”

Godspeed on your visit to America Pope Benedict. May the Lord continue to richly bless your ministry.

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