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Winning the War, Losing the Peace

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
Jeremiah 17:9

The head of the not at all EIB Network and chief reactionary shill Rush Limbaugh raised his hands to his mouth to shout that General Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama was due to race. As in General Powell’s decision to endorse Mr. Obama was purely due to the fact that they shared an African American lineage.

This is not acceptable. Nor can the excuse be made that it is getting late in the game and you have to pull out all stops to win the election. There is no defense for this blatant racism. It cannot be dismissed as an example of rising electoral rhetoric sprouted in the heat of a close campaign. That includes the self anointed Dittohead and Chief as well.

I would like to remind all Republican’s, conservatives and supporters of this racist tripe that the manner in which you conduct the war will determine the quality of peace that is won after the conflict ends. The Bloviator and Chief of the EIB Dittoheads is only too content to rip open and gnash away at this country’s racial wound that never seems to completely heal. The Bloviator and Chief sees it as a great opportunity to proclaim his self constructed version of reality. Incredibly enough this ugly man wears his racist proclamation like a conservative medal of honor. In the Bloviator and Chief’s fictive mind it’s real conservative street cred worn only by real American Patriots. This ugly man who proudly wears his racism on his puffed up chest believes himself to be a true profile in courage. Daring to speak the truth, the all knowing and seeing Bloviator and Chief knows what motivates and lurks in the mind of General Powell. I would love to see the Bloviator and Chief stand next to General Powell. The Bloviator and Chief’s imaginary medals of conservative honor and his titanic ego would immediately be rightsized in the presence of General Powell’s real humility, courage and life of service to our country.

The Bloviator and Chief’s racism states that African American’s do not have the capability to make a decision based on a rational and objective examination of the facts. It would seem that in the Bloviator and Chief’s conservative cosmology, people of color are incapable of observing a candidate and evaluating their programs and their vision for America. More disturbing is the Bloviator and Chief’s inability to conceive that people of color have a set of values to make electoral decisions. Its a difficult truth the Bloviator and Chief can’t understand. Thankfully all people are not Dittoheads, some people use their own mind to evaluate and make informed political decisions. The Bloviator and Chief finds it hard to believe and can’t understand that all people don’t share his world view. After all how many people make $25 mm a year to sprout propaganda and condemn people who don’t agree with you? How many people get to make a living by proclaiming their uber patriotism and love for our democratic republic yet take every opportunity to undermine and subvert our need to engage in a nonpartisan conversation to protect a crumbling consensus?

That brings us to Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who claims she was tricked by the fast talking liberal media mongrel Chris Matthews into calling for an investigation into members of congress to determine if they truly love America.

I can only imagine what the line of questions would consist of to make this assessment. Would you ask members how often they polish their American Flag lapel pin? Would you ask if they get goose bumps every time the National Anthem is played before watching a Timberwolves basketball game on TV? Would you ask if they unknowingly associated with people with funny sounding names like Muhammad or Hussein? Or have they ever read the Quran?

If they failed the test do we send these Anti-Americans to reeducation camps? Perhaps we should lock them away in some offshore gulag to spend the rest of their unrepentant Un-American lives rotting away under the supervision of torturous jailers? Will this satiate Ms. Bachmann’s thirst for failing a patriotic litmus test?

America went through this ugly episode with uber patriot tail-gunner Joe McCarthy. Thank God the liberal media hero Edward R. Murrow brought the light of much needed transparency on McCarthyism and its threat to democracy and democratic ideals. Unfortunately the world is just as dangerous today as it was at the dawn of the Cold War. America’s best defense against our enemies is a strong participatory democracy. A national consensus is an absolute necessity as our country takes its next step in this dangerous world.

This extraordinary election has surfaced the best and worst aspects of a democracy. The demonization of constituent groups and people based on their ideas, race, location and desires does a disservice to our country and is our enemies greatest weapon in undermining our democratic republic.

Our greatest President Abraham Lincoln quoting the bible stated that a house divided cannot stand. Creating division and fanning animosity may win the election but will not insure a lasting peace and a common path for this country to tread.

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