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On Your Marx

The Original Marxist

I can’t help but think that we are again in the midst of a new kind of enclosure movement.

Karl Marx in his classic tome on capitalist economics, Das Kapital, wrote extensively on the enclosure movement in England and the role it played on the formation of the urban proletarian class.

The enclosure movement forced rural peasantry from agricultural based production. This was done because the owners of land could receive a better return on the land by raising sheep. Sheep was in high demand because wool was a crucial commodity necessary for the burgeoning textile industry in Manchester.

The enclosure movement of the 16th century is analogous to the conversion of human food producing arable land to an agriculture that supports the production of biofuels and animal husbandry.

The rise in the price of basic commodities is also being exacerbated by the Federal Reserves policy to cut interest rates to pump liquidity into ailing credit markets.

This is creating a type of economic perfect storm for the under and lesser developed partners in the global economy. The rice riots will continue until a concerted effort is made to fight inflation and curb efforts to use bio fuels to supplement our fossil fuel based economies.

This is also another political justification for an accelerated program for the construction of nuclear power plants in the US. Site selection for the construction of a new atomic energy plant may soon be under consideration for a town near you.

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The Price of Rice in Haiti

Rice Riots in Haiti

Another entry in our ongoing series about the rise in rice prices.

Today we were confronted with images of food riots in Port Au Prince arguably the most impoverished city in the western hemisphere. UN Peacekeeping forces were straining to maintain the rule of law and prevent a total collapse of civil order.

Its startling to consider that people in the underdeveloped world pay up to 80% of their incomes for a subsistence ration of food. Here in the United States we spend approximately 10% of our income on food. An interesting metric in how to measure the spread of the difference between the developed and underdeveloped world.

I can’t help but think of the butterfly effect.

It goes something like if a butterfly flaps its wings in Beijing in May it will produce a Hurricane off the Outerbanks in August.

Haiti may be this years butterfly. It may yet remind us of how connected our world is to the seemingly disconnected events and risk factors in the global community.

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Price of Rice in China

Fears grow over rice supplies the FT Weekend reports on a front page story.

The price of rice has risen 50% in the past two weeks. Speculators and hoarding are fattening the pockets of profiteers and are heightening concerns about political instability and social unrest. Consider the implications of a rice starved Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar or dare we say China? What will be the political impact of an acute rice shortage in North Korea? How will this regime react if it feels it’s not getting sufficient attention and relief from the global community? Will it stoke up its atomic reactors and aim a nuclear missile at the worlds head to hold it hostage until it extorts its fair share from the worlds dwindling rice bowl?

This is a chilling threat to global stability and peace. We submit that the power elites of the new world order need to focus its talents and treasure to address this potential powder keg. As Americans, we would like to suggest to our President Mr. Bush that these types of problems and issues are more worthy of your attention then spending a considerable amount of political capital to maneuver ICBMs into former Warsaw Pact counties.

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