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The Demobilization of America

As the price of gas hits $3.50 a gallon and sure to climb near $4.00 as the summer driving season gets into full swing, Henry Ford’s and Robert Moses’ worst nightmare is coming to life, American’s can’t drive their cars because they can’t afford to pay for gas.

That’s ok, some will say, American’s can cash their economic stimulus check at the local MSB, hop a plane and head to Europe. But the weak dollar even makes a Tijuana taxi ride just out of the reach of most Gringos so travel to exotic far out places just won’t happen.

The rising price of gas and diesel will tend to keep people closer to their home barbecues. People staying home will hurt the nation’s tourism industry and popular destinations may experience sparse attendance. The tourism and entertainment industry is a major component of our economy (we offshored our manufacturing) so if tourism does take a hit this will stoke recessionary pressures in the economy.

With less American’s traveling abroad America’s cultural and psychological isolation will grow. This isolation compounded by a building resentment toward the foreign oil Cartels and the belief that they continue to hold America hostage by manipulating oil markets is a dangerous combination that may spur mobilization sentiments as the summer of 2008 chugs along.

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Risk: oil, energy, military, tourism; xenophobia

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