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The Black and Blue Division rivals Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions are today’s big match in the NFL. The teams will face off on a frozen Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Though the game has no playoff implications and each team sports a losing record this game is significant because the 0-15 Detroit Lions are desperately trying not to go 0-16. An 0-16 record would place the Lions in the infamous company of the 1976 (0-14) Tampa Bay Buccaneers; the only team in NFL history to have a winless season.

Though its only a game the outcome of this contest has garnered much attention. The game presents some interesting insights into our culture and the role sports have assumed in our society. Today the Detroit Lions quest for imperfection is given a national stage to display a comedic relief of professional ineptitude. This is balanced by the need to avoid the notoriety of shame and dishonor a win less season bestows on tribal pride of the team and its fans.

As a metaphor the ineptitude of the Lions seems to mirror the economic and social distress of the Motor City’s automobile industry. Flush with a $18 bn line of credit from the US Treasury’s coffers, all American’s now have a vested interest in the success and economic viability of our auto manufacturers and we should all be rooting hard for a victory.

So Go Lion’s! We need to see the deliverance and tangible rewards that grit, determination and endurance confers on people that never quit and never give up.

Today we are all Lion’s fans.

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