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Welcome Diwali

Today marks the arrival of Diwali. Diwali is widely celebrated by the Hindu, Jain and Sikh religions.  Diwali, known as the Festival of Light, is commemorated over five-day period around the mid point of the autumn season.

Diwali speaks to the timeless human desire for victory to triumph over evil.  Diwali celebrants light lamps in the hope that goodness continues to illuminate our hearts and homes to assure that the light of goodness remains ascendant over the darkness of evil.  Diwali asks everyone to be stewards of goodwill by mindfully tending lamps to eradicate the darkness of evil and light the way for the spirit of truth revealed and made manifest in the good light of divine love.

We welcome the season of Diwali and wish all celebrants a most meaningful and spiritually fulfilling experience.


You Tube Video: Origin of Diwali

Risk: darkness, light, good, evil

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Come Into The Light

a light

draws us

calls us

compels us

coaxes us

joins us

brings together

a curious necessity

in celebration

a vulnerable fragility

splendid contradictions

perverse diversity

wanton needs

shared humanity

how fragile it is

swaddled wounds

unwashed and unhealed

infirmities revealed

a promise made

all will be cured

come  into the light

the spirit implores

I kiss your face

a unique beauty

only revealed

by blessed light

my need for love

finally cured

healed by

the grace of your light

our shared divinity






You Tube Music Video:

Rachmaninov Vespers:  Joyful Light

peace and prayers beloved

Risk: darkness, isolation

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