Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

Resolution 2010: Gotta/Gonna

gonna commence a journey
gotta get on the way
provision and direction
will appear along the way

gotta open brand new doors
become a bit unhinged
gonna loosen the damn tethers
that forge the chains within

gotta sail uncharted waters
lose sight of familiar land
gonna become a fearless sailor
track footprints on exotic sand

some jagged mountains beckon
sheer cliffs gotta be scaled
the ascent gonna bring blessed growth
not to try is to miserably fail

gonna explore hidden valleys
with courage, grit and resolve
all risks are opportunities
problems that gotta be solved

gotta leave my tiny comfort zone
with great dispatch and haste
a new life is mine to have
gonna banish fear with grace


Happy New Year
I predict that 2010 is gonna be the most important year of our lives.
It’s gotta be, because its the only one we got.

Peace and Prayers Beloved

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Wecome Kwanzaa

Tonight marks the arrival of Kwanzaa. People of good will everywhere welcome this opportunity to bring more light into a world enshroud in darkness.  Kwanzaa celebrates community as a vessel to receive and dispense the flow of hope and service required to minister and serve others. It is a wonderful reminder on the importance of community and excellent opportunity to strengthen the bonds of the individual within communities.

The Ancestors Prayer

Our great African parents who are among us we humbly offer our thanks
for the many blessings you have given.

We extend our love to its ultimate state of being –
For the suffering that you have endured so that we may not suffer so.

Mothers of our great African nation Fathers of our African selves –
We invoke you to furthur lead and guide us to a higher understanding

Of our true greatness –
And a more encompassing dedication of love for our African people.

Parents of all African children;
Guide us toward a greater unity –
Guide us in a stronger African Value System and lead us into the zenith of respect and love for our people, through education and the
“Family Communal Structure”

We swear upon the heritage and legacy that you have left us to uphold and sustain our rightful status on this earth, and to continue the struggle for the total mental and physical liberation of all African People.

The following is a Christian prayer offering for Kwanzaa

O come all you faithful, rejoicing and victorious! Come, let us adore the Lord of life and goodness, as we celebrate Kwanzaa and the African American heritage. Come and give thanks and praise for the journey. Jesus, by your mercy, grant us the grace to cherish this life. Guide us to uphold the dignity and respect of life from the moment of conception to its natural end at death. Lead us to be to true to our nature as you created us. We ask these things because we have our roots in the divine origin of Creator, Savior, and Sanctifier, Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Peace to all this Kwanzaa Season.

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Joyeux Noel

May the light of peace guide you.

May the warmth of gratitude envelop you.

May the grace of giving embolden you.

May the joy of the season be with you.

May the spirit of love move you.

Merry Christmas

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George Winston, The Carol of the Bells

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Come Into The Light

a light

draws us

calls us

compels us

coaxes us

joins us

brings together

a curious necessity

in celebration

a vulnerable fragility

splendid contradictions

perverse diversity

wanton needs

shared humanity

how fragile it is

swaddled wounds

unwashed and unhealed

infirmities revealed

a promise made

all will be cured

come  into the light

the spirit implores

I kiss your face

a unique beauty

only revealed

by blessed light

my need for love

finally cured

healed by

the grace of your light

our shared divinity






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Rachmaninov Vespers:  Joyful Light

peace and prayers beloved

Risk: darkness, isolation

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Solstice Solace

Today marks the winter solstice.   It is the longest night of the year.  Often we believe that the darkness and trials that have occupied our lives will never end.  We think them to be permanent fixtures that have taken up residence in our lives.  Its easy to forget about the light.

The Torah recounts the stories of Moses leading his people through the barren desert.  Time after time the ancient ones were challenged with hardship.  They would cry out their complaint bemoaning their circumstance.   Some wished to return to the bondage of slavery rather then to continue to suffer the privation born from freedom.

I believe that faith helps empower us to perceive the infinite wisdom of God’s compassion continuously at work in our lives.  An active willingness to receive the grace of light is a necessary precondition to lift the vale of darkness.  Our ability to discern and a willingness to take action will lead to deliverance from misfortune and privation only if we are open to receive the gift of grace. Understand that the light emanates from many unexpected sources and may light paths to destinations and places that are unfamiliar to us.  Trusting that the light will reemerge in our lives will lead to an enlightened state of acceptance and a deep sense of profound gratitude.

Beware of darkness beloved.  Trust in the light.

Peace be with you on this winter night.

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Risk: complacency, reticence, cynicism, surrender to hopelessness, capitulation

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Dreaming of Jackson Pollack

Morning Haiku: an exploding bud / heralds the arrival of / a seasons color








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The Year of Being Here

Be here this year!

Turn off cell phone

be still

be active

fall in love

tell the truth

struggle for justice

free a prisoner

walk for peace

be a friend

find a friend

mentor a child

take a hike

ride a bike

revel in nature

smell the coffee

grow some flowers

start a garden

honor God

read a book

write a poem

paint a picture

click a photo

say a prayer

maintain silence

hold your peace

sheath a sword

unload a gun

practice peace

dance joyously

sing gleefully

speak softly

love largely

climb the mountain

linger in the valley

dip toe in water

tip toe through tulips

pet a dog

feed a cat

protect a child

care for the aged

listen to someone

open your ears

hear someone

lift your eyes

see someone

go fishing

feed someone

conduct a search

find someone

watch the moon

bless the stars

write a book

start a business

make some money

lose some weight

drive courteously

cook a meal

swim the sea

sail a boat

get some sleep

be kind

be useful

be diligent

be reverent

be genuine

be helpful

be still

be present


God Bless

Have a Present Day!

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Risk: Not Being Present

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Resolution 2009


Be it resolved…….

(subject to elaboration and change at authors discretion)

  • must open heart to love abundantly, unconditionally, wastefully
  • must cultivate an open mind to perceive possibilities
  • must cultivate healthy mind and body
  • must heal my body and emotional wounds
  • must have deeper faith and belief in myself
  • must trust in my abilities and capabilities
  • must be more disciplined and discerning
  • must conquer fear and anger
  • must forgive so as to be forgiven
  • must trust more and resent less
  • must tame pride and learn to say no
  • must renew my spirit and take up new challenges
  • must not lose heart and see things through to completion
  • must enjoy life more by living in joy
  • must walk by faith, with courage, hope and joy
  • must maintain a sober life
  • must cultivate my loves and talents
  • must commend the faith that is in me
  • must let go and let God

PS: must make money and lose weight

Thank You Robert Burns.

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

You Tube Video: Auld Lang Syne

Risk: an unforgiving heart

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Welcome Kwanzaa

Seven Principles

Today marks the beginning of Kwanzaa. We should find that the principles of Kwanzaa are particularly relevant
this year. Kwanzaa’s focus on community, responsibility and unity while seeking to creatively respond to problems and opportunities will serve us well in dealing with the global challenges we will need to address this year.

We welcome Kwanzaa, its message and its promise. We wish all celebrants a happy, healthy, meaningful and productive Kwanzaa.

Peace and Prayers

For The Motherland cradle of civilization.
For the ancestors and their indomitable spirit
For the elders from whom we can learn much.
For our youth who represent the promise for tomorrow.
For our people the original people.
For our struggle and in remembrance of those who have struggled on our behalf.
For Umoja the principle of unity which should guide us in all that we do.
For the creator who provides all things great and small.

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Risk: community

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Joyeux Noel

This is the night

God breaks through

Angels appear to

Trembling shepherds

Heralding good news

Dawn of Truth

Fear is Banished

Peace is Proclaimed

A Child is Born

His name Emmanuel

God is with us!

Thanks be to God

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You Tube Video: Mahalia Jackson, Go Tell It on the Mountain

You Tube Video: Oh Holy Night, Instrumental

Risk: worry, fret, anxiety

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