Risk Rap

Rapping About a World at Risk

The Year of Being Here

Be here this year!

Turn off cell phone

be still

be active

fall in love

tell the truth

struggle for justice

free a prisoner

walk for peace

be a friend

find a friend

mentor a child

take a hike

ride a bike

revel in nature

smell the coffee

grow some flowers

start a garden

honor God

read a book

write a poem

paint a picture

click a photo

say a prayer

maintain silence

hold your peace

sheath a sword

unload a gun

practice peace

dance joyously

sing gleefully

speak softly

love largely

climb the mountain

linger in the valley

dip toe in water

tip toe through tulips

pet a dog

feed a cat

protect a child

care for the aged

listen to someone

open your ears

hear someone

lift your eyes

see someone

go fishing

feed someone

conduct a search

find someone

watch the moon

bless the stars

write a book

start a business

make some money

lose some weight

drive courteously

cook a meal

swim the sea

sail a boat

get some sleep

be kind

be useful

be diligent

be reverent

be genuine

be helpful

be still

be present


God Bless

Have a Present Day!

You Tube Video: Bob Marley: Jammin’

Risk: Not Being Present

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