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Cheney Limps Away from a Crippling Legacy

Vice President Dick Cheney hurt his back as he was packing and moving boxes to vacate his residency in a government owned housing complex. He’ll attend today’s inauguration of Barack Obama and Joseph Biden riding in a wheelchair. This is an appropos metaphor for the crippling effect the policies Bush and chief henchman Cheney pursued during their 8 years of power.

I would not put it past the cynical soul of this incidious man that Cheney is humoring his right wing supporters by using the wheelchair as a prop to covey his opinion that Obama and his policies will cripple the country.

Look around the Washington Mall today Mr. Cheney. See the outpouring of love and respect the people of this nation are showing the incoming president. And also know that the exuberance of the festivities are made that much sweeter by your departure from office.

Good bye Mr. Cheney.

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