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I salute the courage and conviction of General Colin Powell and his endorsement of Barack Obama for President. I believe he spoke eloquently and truthfully about why he felt Mr. Obama is the better choice to lead our nation at this time. As much as we may agree with his choice of candidate it is not the general’s choice we commend. Of greater significance are the values and metrics General Powell used to arrive at his decision. This I believe is an important lesson Americans need to consider when they cast their vote.

General Powell noted the intellectual vigor of Mr. Obama, a desire to build bridges between people, his cool demeanor and unflappable countenance he exhibited throughout his campaign and during the height of the government response to the unfolding economic crisis. All these were key attributes and values General Powell considered in making his choice of a presidential candidate. General Powell also cited Obama’s positive campaign and his optimistic vision for the future of America. He noted Obama’s careful deliberation and wisdom in choosing a Vice Presidential running mate, fully qualified with the requisite experience and knowledge to step into the office of the presidency if the need arises.

It is our fondest hope that these are the type of values Americans will consider when they cast their ballot for president of the United States. We also trust that our fellow countrymen will not be influenced by the fear mongering robocall machines incessant incantation that Obama supports terrorists, is engaged in voter registration fraud and is a closet socialist. This offers our country nothing but more fear, suspicion, partisan divisiveness and a continuation of politics as usual. America deserves better.

This negativity is what has compelled the former Secretary of State for the first George W. Bush administration to say enough is enough we need a transformational figure to turn the page and bring America into a new era. Colin Powell’s endorsement is an example of a patriot driven by conscience to put the interest of his country above the interest of his Republican Party. Lets hope more American Firsters emulate General Powell’s example when they consider which candidate is best equipped to lead our country at this time.

General Powell needs to be thanked for his demonstration of an honest and careful deliberation of what values he looked for to make his choice for president. General Powell’s courage of his convictions and his life long service to our country is the stuff of real patriots. His values and his value to his country are great assets to our nation. Lets not squander his example or his wisdom.

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