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Andrew Wyeth Passes

Day Dream

We mourn the death of the American Realist artist Andrew Wyeth who has passed away at the age of 91.

Wyeth was famous for his renderings of interior still life’s and sparse landscapes of rural Pennsylvania countryside. Wyeth is also well known for the Helga series of paintings. I’ll always remember Wyeth’s painting “Master Bedroom” because a good friend hung a print rendering in their dining room after Mo their beloved White Lab passed away.

Wyeth was an important American artist who enjoyed considerable commercial success due to his popular and accessible style. Mr. Wyeth’s style seemed to convey the psychological stasis of post WW2 America.

The cannon of American art was richer due to his contributions.

God speed Mr. Wyeth.

You Tube Video: The Lettermen, A Portrait of My Love

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Out To Lunch

Freddie Hubbard

Dolphins are dancing in heaven. Jazz great Freddie Hubbard has crossed over. He takes a seat in the trumpet section of Gabriel’s Eternally Yours Celestial All Star Jazz Band. Freddie Hubbard made enormous contributions to the art form. He played with many of the innovators of Jazz like Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Art Blakey, Ornette Coleman and many many others.

He will be greatly missed but his beautiful art will live forever.

God Speed Mr. Hubbard.

You Tube Video: Out To Lunch: Hat and Beard

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Odetta Crosses Over

Odetta Holmes

We extend our sympathies to Odetta’s family
and friends on the loss of this great woman.

We mourn the death of one of America’s great folk singers,
troubadour, artist and activist.

Odetta dedicated her life and art to serve the dispossessed
and those whose voices and stories are seldom heard and often ignored.

She will be missed, but her righteous life
and beautiful art will serve as an example for all who follow.

Odetta and her spirit will live on in our hearts and thoughts for evermore.

She is at peace and may God welcome her presence
adding her angelic voice to the eternal divine celestial chorus.

Peace and Prayers

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Bourgeois Blues

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Amazing Grace

God Speed Sister Odetta

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